Intent – To reduce and eliminate significant environmental impacts to biodiversity including impacts on native fauna and flora as a result of construction activities. All native fauna is protected and not to be interfered with unless approved.

Critical Controls (Fauna)

  • Project (or location) specific clearing or tree removal methodology is developed and communicated for local fauna species including threatened or endangered species
  • A suitably qualified ecologist or licensed spotter is on site during all clearing activities
  • Fauna relocation survey/inspection completed prior to relocating or clearing activities by an appropriately qualified ecologist
  • Fauna relocated prior to felling trees or land clearing using low impact trapping methods
  • Habitat trees are clearly delineated during the pre-clearing survey
  • Erosion and sediment controls are installed including for all clearing areas, waterways / drainage areas
  • Temporary waterway crossings established for all crossings traversed by clearing equipment
  • Untreated stormwater prevented from draining directly to waterways, wetlands or sensitive areas without erosion and sediment controls

Critical Controls (Flora)

  • Clearing boundary is surveyed and verified against the project approval requirements prior to the commencement of clearing
  • Pathogen testing undertaken as required and pathogen controls implemented in accordance with industry best practice
  • Clearing boundary marked by a surveyor seven (7) days prior to the commencement of clearing and is clearly delineated with rope or flagging (as nominated in clearing methodology)
  • Vehicles restricted to gazetted roads or approved haul roads to prevent damage to vegetation to be protected and retained
  • Signage and barricades (i.e. peg or mark limits) are in place for nominated areas where access is restricted or prohibited according to the environmental approvals and plans
  • Welding and other hot work undertaken in compliance with local laws, permit requirements and regulations (i.e. during bushfire danger periods)
  • Prior to mobilisation to site all vehicles and plant must undergo a weeds and seeds check (or equivalent) to prevent the transportation of foreign seed or plant disease
  • Weed assessment completed prior to clearing activities and weed management program implemented for topsoil stockpiles and newly vegetated areas

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