Intent – To eliminate or minimise the risks of significant environmental harm as a result of piling operations

Critical Controls 

  • Lime is stored correctly in an appropriate container to prevent mobilisation of lime into waterways or dust generation
  • Hook lift bins or suitable equivalent are used to retain pile spoil and monitored frequently to assess capacity and identify potential over filling.  Contamination of the piling pad is to be prevented at all times.
  • Acid Sulfate Treatment Areas are located outside of flood prone areas, more than 50m from waterways and in line with the Construction Acid Sulfate Materials Management Plan
  • Acid Sulphate Treatment Areas are maintained and monitored effectively to ensure no breaches of the treatment area, unauthorised Acid Sulphate Material, sediment or acidic runoff is discharged to waterways
  • Polymer products used in piling works are prevented from entering waterways and disposed of correctly to prevent impacts on surrounding environment
  • Biodegradable oil use is to be used for works over waterways
  • Hydraulic hoses are reviewed/inspected for wear and damage prior to the commencement of works.  Damaged hoses are replaced. Sheathing is provided for exposed hydraulic and fuel lines.
  • Spill Kits are located close to the piling works and maintained to ensure they are fully stocked.
  • Hydrocarbon absorbent booms are provided in the waterway to prevent the spread of spills.
    • SER 02 Heritage (Indigenous & Non-Indigenous) - Laing O'Rourke safety management system

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