Intent – To eliminate or minimise the risks of significant environmental harm as a result of rail maintenance

Critical Controls 

  • Pre-possession HSE inspections to be undertaken of works areas.
  • Out of hours works to be approved by regulatory authority/client for rail possession activities.
  • Track drainage identified prior to undertaking works and erosion and sediment controls implemented.
  • Vibration monitoring to be undertaken for works adjacent to heritage structures and/or structures (BS 7385) to be
    impacted by works for cosmetic damage. Also consider vibration monitoring for human response as per OH&E
    Assessing Vibration technical guideline.
  • Dust suppression for regulators/stockpiles (particularly ballast) to be in place prior to commencing works.
  • Appropriate waste management amenities (construction, recycling, spoil) to be in place prior to undertaking works
    and all waste to be disposed of at an appropriately licensed/approved facility.
  • Visual screening and/or acoustic barriers to be implemented around work areas in close proximity to sensitive
    receivers. Consider use of solar lighting towers and silenced generators.
  • Appropriate Spill Kits to be located close to each work activity, at refuelling points and chemical/ oil storage areas.
  • Approved bunds, Drip trays and/or plant nappies to be used during re-fuelling or changing of attachments and
    during use of static equipment (generators).
  • Classification of spoil material to be undertaken prior it leaving site.

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