Intent – To eliminate or minimise the risks of significant environmental harm as a result of water quality impacts and prevent spillage from wastewater storage facilities

Critical Controls

  • Bunded storage areas in place for all fuels, chemicals and oils (minimum 110% of the stored capacity) including external bunded storage for generators with fuel storage capacity of greater than 100 litres
  • All generators have internal bunds. External bunded storage provided for generators and fuel storage systems that are stored over or within 20 metres of waterways.
  • All generator systems with external fuel storage are bunded and installed and commissioned by competent personnel
  • Stormwater that collects in basins, excavations and drainage systems is treated and tested prior to discharge in accordance with legislated requirements, licence or approval requirements
  • Plant and equipment operating over water has external protection for hydraulic and fuel lines. Barges also have installed controls to prevent surface runoff into waterways
  • Concrete and kibble washout areas are installed and maintained to ensure no impact to surface or groundwater
  • Mulch stockpile sites are located on elevated ground within the work footprint, away from water and creek lines, and at least 20 metres from a watercourse
  • Full circumference bunds greater than 300mm high are installed for all mulch/cleared vegetation material stockpiled for longer than one month. Temporary mulch / cleared vegetation stockpile bunds are provided with a stabilised temporary spillway to prevent damage during major rainfall events.
  • A sump is created downstream of the mulch bund to contain runoff from the design rainfall event
  • Telemetry and shutoff systems implemented for all critical pump lines and those that operate out of hours

Critical Controls (Wastewater Storage)

  • Wastewater storage systems are located above the 1 in 20 Average Recurrence Interval (ARI) flood level (note: project conditions may impose a higher level)
  • Water inflow systems and pumps have automatic shut-off valves to prevent wastewater storage capacity being exceeded
  • High-level alarms, including visual and aural warnings, are in place and operational. High-level alarms are triggered when the capacity exceeds 75% (note: this does not apply to portable toilets)
  • Weekly inspection regime for the wastewater storage facility including capacity assessment has been completed. Tank capacity is a minimum of 80 litres per person.

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