Intent – To eliminate or minimise the risks of fatalities, injuries and events arising from working in close proximity to passing traffic and other road users

Critical Controls

  • Planning of works must apply the hierarchy of controls and seek to eliminate the interface between people and live traffic flows
  • All licences and approval are in place with Asset Owner
  • A competent traffic management representative is appointed to oversee the application of the traffic controls
  • Traffic management plan(s) is approved, implemented and monitored by competent traffic management personnel
  • Traffic work zones are to be risk assessed and work zones are isolated with approved safety barrier treatment
  • Traffic controllers must be trained and competent and hold the correct ticket or licence
  • Designed construction access points are provided and managed to prevent risk to workers or road users
  • Where appropriate and road conditions can house automatic and remote devices, then traffic controllers must be replaced
  • Physical protection and safe escape routes are in place for traffic control personnel interacting with live traffic
  • Traffic control, including signage and devices are in place to effectively warn, inform and guide road users
  • The use of electronic signage is applied

For all supporting documentation please refer to PS Traffic Management 

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