Intent – To eliminate or minimise the risks of fatalities, injuries and events arising from energised plant at installation, testing, commissioning and decommissioning phases of operation

Critical Controls

  • All potential harmful energy sources requiring isolation and appropriate isolation methods are identified by competent persons.
  • Isolation (LOTO) training and competency system in place.
  • Isolation procedures are specific to the needs of the worksite, as determined by the risk assessment.
  • Roles are appointed – Authorised Isolator, Permit Issuer and Permit Holder.
  • Unless tested for dead, all wires and equipment are to be considered and treated as live.
  • Isolation permits are in place.
  • Isolation integrity includes physical try test (check for dead).
  • Restricted Access Control is in place where equipment cannot be fully isolated to zero energy.
  • Isolations are in place for servicing and maintenance work.

All supporting documents refer to PS Plant & Equipment Isolations & Lockouts 

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