This minimum standard provides guidance on minimum standards on  COVID-19 on Laing O’Rourke projects and offices. 

The minimum standard covers the following:

  • Office Standard
  • Reception Standard
  • Meeting Room Standard
  • Training Standard
  • Kitchen Standard
  • Toilet/Bathroom Standard
  • Home Standard
  • Home Desk Standard
  • Light Vehicle Standard
  • Vehicle Cleaning Standard
  • Bus Standard
  • Crib Room Standard
  • Ice Room Standard
  • Pre Start Standard
  • Handwash Station Standard
  • Machinery Standard
  • FIFO Airport Standard
  • Deliveries Standard
  • First Aid Standard
  • Hoists & Lift Standard
  • Respiratory Protective Equipment Standard
  • Respiratory Protective Equipment
  • AOD Screening Standard
  • How to work out area for physical distancing
  • Signage Standard


    This minimum standard applies to all employees, permanent and casual contractors working on Laing O’Rourke Workplaces during work hours. 

    This document was developed to encompass the minimum Critical Controls that need to be implemented across all of our projects to ensure that we keep our people and the public safe at all times whilst managing COVID-19. Like our FSR and SER’s you need only apply to standards that are applicable to your project’s scope of works. If at any time your project/office is unable to implement the required controls, please complete a risk assessment and advise your respective General Manager of the alternate controls that can be implemented. Exemptions must be approved by the General Manager prior to implementation.

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