Activities and business processes that have the potential to significantly affect our environmental performance have been identified, planned, documented and controls measures implemented to ensure the Company’s policy, objectives and compliance obligations are met.
Operational controls are documented in Environmental Primary Standards. They have been developed from aspects and impacts and compliance obligations and are specifically relevant to environmental management. They provide the framework for eliminating or minimising risk of environmental harm as well as creating opportunity for innovation and enhancing environmental benefits.

A number of Environmental Primary Standards underpin associated Severe Environmental Risks (SERs). They provided information on SER critical controls as well as additional information on local controls (i.e. controls that must be implemented to manage risk but are not critical to preventing a high consequence).
At the project and workplace level, operational controls provided within the Primary Standards are addressed in the Environmental Management Plan and associated Environmental Risk Action Plans (ERAP’s) and/or sub-plans. Project and workplace environment management plans specify how the Environmental Primary Standards are specifically implemented.

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