One of the Rethinking Safety Through Inclusion + Wellbeing tactics is to Focus on High Consequence Risks. The foundation of this tactic is Fatal and Severe Risks (FSRs). A FSR is an activity that is considered to have high consequences to our people if not managed appropriately. The FSR Controls Standard provides clear guidance to managing these risks.
Each FSR has a set of critical controls that must be planned for, implemented and monitored, this criteria is located on the separate Primary Standard pages 

Part of the review process includes projects and sites undertaking field based observations to ensure that the required FSR critical controls are demonstrated to be working effectively. FSR Critical Control Field Checks assist with this process and are accessible via QR codes in the field.
The FSRs are underpinned by Primary Standards (PS). FSR critical controls are included in Primary Standards as well as additional information local controls (i.e. controls that must be implemented to manage risk but are not critical to preventing a high consequence).

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