A Severe Environmental Risk (SER) is an activity if not managed effectively; severe environmental impacts could eventuate, resulting in permanent or long-term damage to the environment that is not easily rectified. They would substantially alter the receiving environment and result in a significant impact on the project’s and Laing O’Rourke’s environmental policy and objectives. The SER Controls Standard provides clear guidance to managing these risks.
Each SER provides clear guidance on the requirements and control measures that when implemented are intended to manage these risks. They describe the critical controls that must be in place, demonstrated and working effectively such that severe environmental impacts are prevented. The SER Control Adequacy Assessment Tool assists with this process. It is also used to conduct SER reviews.

Part of the review process includes projects and sites undertaking field based observations to ensure that the required SER critical controls are demonstrated to be working effectively.
The SERs are underpinned by Environmental Primary Standards and the requirements of site specific Environmental Management Plans. SER critical controls are included in Environmental Primary Standards as well as additional information on local controls (i.e. controls that must be implemented to manage risk but are not critical to preventing a high consequence).

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