Gearing Up for Safety May 2017

Gearing up for Safety supports Next Gear Principle 3 – Safety is an ethical responsibility and not a bureaucratic activity – and enabled safer, smarter more efficient ways of working.

As part of the campaign, Laing O’Rourke’s new Safety Management System (SMS) went live on reducing bureaucracy and allowing people to focus on what is important.The Campaign was delivered in four key stages. Gearing up for Safety has seen the rollout of a number of new and improved systems, processes and tools including:

Step One: Launch of the new system

Step Two: Launch of Gearbox – a safety observation app that replaces the old paper-based Hazard & Near Miss Reporting system and turns our focus to best practice

Step Three: Launch of Field View – new e-tool that reduces administration and paperwork and ensures we are better able to evaluate and assess Fatal and Severe Risks in the workplace and new smart noticeboard providing access to critical controls in the field.

During the campaign, a Master Trainer for Next Gear – Kristen O’Halloran also sat down with Cathal to get his thoughts on our approach to Next Gear and where we are headed. Check out the interview here!

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