Everyday is R U OK? Day 2018

R U OK? is a national suicide prevention charity dedicated to encouraging and empowering everyone to ask, Are you ok?

Improving mental health literacy and reducing the stigma around talking about mental health is a key element of our Mental Health and Wellbeing Action Plan which we launched earlier this year.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing campaign was the first step on our journey to implement the new Mental Health and Wellbeing action plan.

This month, the campaign focuses on the process to GIVE. At work, a culture of giving can help to build a positive emotional environment and promote better connections, improved empathy and good team work.

Giving is more than just sharing material things with others, it’s about cultivating a spirit of generosity and actively supporting others. The act of giving, receiving and being aware of acts of kindness can help give us a sense of purpose and self-worth. 

By simply giving your time and attention, you could help those around you feel supported and connected and make a real difference in someone’s life.  When we invest more time in our relationships, it can make it easier for people to speak up and access help if needed and access it early.

As our workplaces across the Australia Hub stop to celebrate the 10th annual R U OK? day, we ask everyone to get involved and support this important initiative.

And remember to get on Yammer and share your pictures or stories of how your team celebrated R U OK day!

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